Diamonds and Steak is a blog about marketing strategy and digital marketing.

About Me

I analyze marketing to understand why it’s effective, then distill the insights into takeaways. My goal is to help marketers learn from each other by deconstructing what works, what doesn’t — and most importantly — why. I also teach consumers to become more aware of messaging that shapes their attitudes, behavior, and decision-making.

My perspective is grounded in marketing, branding, content, digital, and brand management. My background spans retail and technology with a consumer focus, including a range of positions at L’Oreal, Bare Escentuals, Gap Inc. and Flite. My writing has been featured in Fast Company and The Huffington Post, and my ghost-writing has appeared in numerous industry publications, including MediaPost, AdExchanger, and more.

I’m particularly interested in marketing that elicits a strong emotional reaction, ranging from shocking to funny to uplifting. If you see an interesting piece of marketing, feel free to reach out — let’s chat about it over a cup of tea.